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2016 LVL Voter Education Programs

The LVL is currently conducting three voter registration education campaigns.

1. Pro Marijuana Vote

Pro Marijuana Vote is a multi-state online voter registration effort focused on registering and educating thousands of “pro marijuana legalization” millennial Latinos in California, Arizona, and Nevada through a multi-platform social media effort that includes various websites and smart phone apps as well as a digital advertising campaign. Through October 24 Pro Marijuana voter contact several hundred thousand voters and registered over 10,000.

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2. LACO Millennial Latino Vote Prop 64 Campaign

LACO Millenial Laitno Vote Prop 64 Campaign is live calling 100,000 18-29 Latino registered voters in CA CD's 32, 40, 35, 44 and CD 25 in Los Angeles County with a message that emphasizes support for the Adult Marijuana Use Act Prop 64. Currentlty four phone banks staffed by paid millennial Latino phoners are operating in Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights, South LA, and Lancaster. The goal of the campaign is to identify 25,000 millennial Laitno yes votes for Prop. 64 and mobilize them to the polls on Nov. 8 or through absentee voting.

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3. OC Latino Vote Campaign

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In only a month the Latino Voter’s League (LVL) knocked on 13,000+ doors and identified 7,000+ Latino voters in Orange County. LVL targeted Latino communities in the cities of Garden Grove, Irvine, San Juan Capistrano and Tustin, which are not normally targeted These cities lack Latino voter participation, Latino leadership in their local government and strong community organizations.


  • In the City of Garden Grove 36.9% of its population is of Latino origin.
  • In the City of Irvine 9.9% of its population is of Latino origin.
  • In the City of San Juan Capistrano 37.2% of its population is of Latino origin.
  • In the City of Tustin 41.4% of its population is of Latino origin.

Of all four cities, Tustin – that has the highest Latino population – is the only city that currently has a councilmember of Latino origin. Garden Grove’s City Council is 0/5 Latinos, Irvine’s City Council is 0/5 Latinos, and San Juan Capistrano’s City Council is also 0/5 Latinos. Clearly, their most of these City’s leadership does not represent their population’s demographics for many reason, like low Latino voter participation. Garden Grove and San Juan Capistrano will be having their first ever district election, which will allow Latinos and other minorities to be competitive during City Council elections. According to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, District Elections are a fair election system that allows minorities’ voices to be heard.

Walking in these cities was not an easy task. At time, our canvassers had to walk a few blocks to arrive at the next Latino household. It was common that in Tustin and Irvine LVL canvassers will run into more “Make America Great Again” signs than a Latino homeowner. That only fueled our energy to ensure to register more people to vote this November election.

Our results show that of 13,000+ doors knocked, 94% of 7,000+ Latinos that we talked stated they would be voting this November 8th. We also registered 737 new voters in Orange County, a great majority that will be voting by mail this Nov 8.

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