Proposition 23: Deceptive Proposition Would Kill California Clean Air Standards & Kill Clean Energy Jobs

Two Texas oil companies are spending millions to push Prop. 23, a deceptive ballot proposition that would kill California clean energy and air pollution reduction standards. Four years ago, California passed a clean air law – AB 32 that holds polluters accountable and requires them to reduce air pollution that threatens human health and contributes to global climate change. This law has launched California to the forefront of the clean technology industry – sparking innovation and clean energy businesses that are creating hundreds of thousands of new California jobs.

The tragic oil spill in the Gulf reinforces the urgent need to reduce our dependence on costly, dangerous oil. But the oil companies’ Prop. 23 proposition would allow polluters to avoid our state’s clean energy standards, kill competition and jobs from California's clean technology companies, and keep us addicted to dirty oil.

Prop. 23 - The Texas Oil Companies' Dirty Energy Proposition - is deceptive.

·      The primary funders of Prop. 23 are the Valero and Tesoro Texas oil companies. They are among the nation’s biggest polluters, and their California oil refineries are among the top ten polluters in our state.
·       Valero and Tesoro claim their Prop. 23 would only "suspend" AB 32's air pollution and clean energy standards until California's economy gets better. In fact, Prop. 23 - would repeal our clean energy law.
The fine print in Prop. 23 reveals their plan is to kill these standards by prohibiting them from being enforced unless unemployment drops to a fixed level that has rarely ever been achieved.

Prop. 23 would create more air pollution in California and threaten public health.

·      Air pollution is a major threat to public health in California, with alarming rates of asthma and lung disease, especially among children.  Each year, California’s air pollution crisis contributes to thousands of premature deaths, hundreds of thousands of asthma attacks, and thousands of trips to the hospital for California families.i
·        Prop 23. would let the Texas oil companies and other polluters off the hook – drastically increasing air pollution and public health risks.
·         That’s why Prop. 23 is strongly opposed by the American Lung Assn. in California and AARP. 

Prop. 23 would kill clean technology jobs, innovation and billions of dollars of investment in California.

·         The Texas oil companies want to continue California’s addiction to oil. Prop. 23 would kill competition from California’s newly emerging clean energy businesses – wind, solar and other renewable energy and clean technologies that will reduce energy costs and our dependence on fossil fuels.

·         If we roll back our clean energy standards, California would lose hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in investments to other states. 
o    According to California’s nonpartisan State Legislative Analyst’s Office, rolling back AB 32 could “dampen additional investments in clean energy technologies or in so-called ‘green jobs’ by private firms, thereby resulting in less economic activity.”
·         Clean energy businesses and technologies are exceptional bright spots in our economy. California's clean energy and clean air law has put California in a unique position to lead the clean energy and technology market, both in the United States and abroad.
o     500,000 employees work in clean technology or green jobs in California.ii                                                                                    
o    Since 2005, California green jobs have grown 10 times faster than the statewide average.iii
o    California’s clean technology sector received $9 billion cumulative venture capital investment from 2005-09, including $2.1 billion in investment capital in 2009 –  more than five times the investment in our nearest competitor, Massachusetts.iv
o    There are more than 12,000 clean tech companies in California.v

Prop. 23 would increase dependence on oil and increase costs to California consumers.

·         The tragic spill in the Gulf has reinforced that we must move to cleaner sources of energy to reduce our dependence on costly, dirty oil.
·         Prop. 23 would result in greater use of oil in California and increase the risk of accidents like that in the Gulf Coast.
·         Prop.23 would not only hurt competition from California clean energy businesses, it will also reduce consumer choices by making alternatives to fossil fuels much more expensive for consumers.
·        By keeping us dependent on fossil fuels, Prop. 23 also increase household electricity costs in California by 33%. These added costs will reduce economic output in California by more than $80 billion and cost over a half million jobs by


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