Proposition 25: The Real Deal for Budget Reform

Prop 25 helps fix California’s broken budget process with common sense reforms that protect taxpayers, schools and services, while holding legislators strictly accountable when they fail to pass the budget on time.

Prop 25 reforms the system in two ways:

  1. Holds legislators accountable by preventing them from collecting their pay and benefits for every day the state budget is late — money they can’t recover later when they do pass the budget.
  2. Breaks budget deadlock by allowing a majority of legislators to approve the budget — just like 47 other states. Prop 25 does not lower the 2/3rds vote required to raise taxes.

California’s Attorney General and the state’s non-partisan Legislative Analyst
have officially stated that Prop 25 does NOT lessen the vote required to raise
taxes. In fact, Prop 25 specifically says, “This measure WILL NOT CHANGE the
two-thirds vote requirement for the Legislature to raise taxes.”

With California in crisis, we need a Legislature that works.

 California, Arkansas and Rhode Island are the only states requiring a two-thirds vote of the Legislature to pass a budget.

“The two-thirds hurdle is the single biggest cause of dysfunction in the state Capitol,” observes LA Times political columnist George Skelton, calling Prop 25 “the real deal.”

Under this system, a handful of legislators can hold the budget hostage, with the “ransom” being more perks for themselves, more spending for their pet projects or billions in tax breaks or favors for special interests. Meanwhile, taxpayers are punished and funding for schools, public safety and vital services become a bargaining chip.

By allowing a majority of legislators to pass the budget, Prop 25 helps end budget gridlock and move the process forward.

We all suffer when legislators play games with the budget.

When last year’s budget was late, California issued 450,000 IOUs to small businesses, state workers and others who do business with the state, costing taxpayers over $8 million in interest payments alone.

More than 16,000 teachers were laid off last year and 26,000 pink slips were issued this year because of the budget mess. Prop 25 ends the chaos, allowing schools to plan their budgets responsibly by letting them know what they can expect from the state. This isn’t possible when the state budget is late.

Late budgets waste tax money and inflate the cost of building schools and roads. Last year when the budget was late, road projects were shut down then restarted days later, costing taxpayers millions of dollars and further damaging California’s credit rating.

Prop 25 will help put a stop to budget games and gridlock, and hold legislators accountable when they fail to do their jobs.

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