LVL Supports Prop 38 and asks for you to vote Yes on 38

Here’s what Prop 38 will do:

Proposition 38 seeks to increase, and dedicate, funding towards our K-12 schools and early childhood programs by asking Californians from every socio-economic status to contribute their fair share. Using a sliding scale, prop 38 would call upon Californians earning over a million dollars to contribute an average of $77,000—those earning between $25,000 – $50,000 would only contribute an estimated $54 a year. California school’s affect us all—we all share the responsibility; we all reap the rewards. Read our power point here!

Accountability + Transparency

Prop 38 ensures that funding go directly to local schools, and explicitly prohibits politicians from diverting, borrowing, or using these funds in exchange for resources currently going towards schools.

Proposition 38 calls for annual independent audits to be conducted, so as to ensure that the funds actually go towards education. Prop 38 also directs the misuse of funds to be punishable with jail time.

A Local Solution, with Real Results

Funds raised by prop 38 will be used to reverse the damages brought on by the deep and massive budgetary cuts to education by rehiring Teachers, as well as providing for a world-class education that includes mathematics, science, art, gym, college preparation, and vocational and technical education to improve academic performance and graduation rates.

Why does the Latino Voters League endorse Prop 38?

Prop 38 creates stronger, local control over funding for K-12. Local communities should be able to determine where—and how—education funds are best spent. The schools our Latino children attend are consistently in need of resources, and Prop 38 not only directs funds straight to schools, but it also empowers residents by having stronger roles in advocating where these funds should be applied. Local control, for a better tomorrow. Vote YES on Prop 38.

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