Support Closing the Loophole, Vote YES on Prop. 39!

Dear Friends,
Both the William C. Velasquez Institute and the Latino Voters League are eager to announce their support for Proposition 39. Proposition 39 is an important step towards closing the existing loophole for multistate corporations—a loophole which essentially encourages corporations to move both jobs and investments outside of California, ultimately hurting none other than Californians themselves. Here are a couple of good reasons on why you should vote YES on Proposition 39:

New Jobs, for a Clean Energy Economy:

Proposition 39 will create about 20,000 to 30,000 construction-related jobs in California, mostly within the clean energy sector. During the first five years, Proposition 39 will direct resources towards clean energy projects and energy efficient improvements.

The Right Prescription for California

A YES vote would require multistate corporations to pay income taxes based on their sales in California, and not based on the formula which is most advantageous for them. In closing the massive loophole, Proposition 39 works towards protecting local jobs, while simultaneously providing $1 Billion to the great State of California.

Hear why our Latino leaders endorse Proposition 39 (part 1)
Hear why our Latino leaders endorse Proposition 39 (part 2)

Kevin de León
Senator, CA 22nd District

Dolores Huerta
Co-Founder, United Farm Workers

Antonio Villaraigosa
Mayor of Los Angeles

Please join the William C. Velasquez Institute And the Latino Voters League in closing the loophole!
Please Vote YES on Proposition 39.

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