LVL Supports Prop 39 and asks for you to vote YES on 39

The Right Prescription for California:

Proposition 39 closes the massive loophole currently in place for corporations. Under the existing tax loophole, corporations have the option of moving both jobs and investments outside of California, thereby reducing their amount of California income tax. What’s more, this loophole essentially encourages businesses to keep jobs outside of California, ultimately hurting none other than Californians themselves.

What a YES vote would do:

A YES vote would require multistate corporations to pay income taxes based on their sales in California, and not based on the formula which is most advantageous for them. In closing the massive loophole, Proposition 39 works towards protecting local jobs, while simultaneously providing $1 Billion to the great State of California.

New Jobs, for a Clean Energy Economy:

Proposition 39 will create about 20,000 to 30,000 construction-related jobs in California, mostly within the clean energy sector. During the first five years, Proposition 39 will direct resources towards clean energy projects and energy efficient improvements.

Why does the Latino Voters League endorse Prop 39?

The Latino Voters League is a strong advocate of main street America—Latinos making-up a significant portion of this group. As such, we are committed towards lessening the power corporations continually exert over the voiceless, especially when it comes at the expense of the middle-class. Proposition 39 seeks to close the existing loophole for multistate corporations in California, ultimately requiring them to invest in our State. Working-class families across California never fail to carry their own weight, nor do they seek sneaky loopholes—so why shouldn’t we hold corporations to the same standards? Vote YES on Prop 39.

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