How To Vote On California Propositions

Download and Take to the Polls on Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Proposition 30 - A Sales and Income Tax Increase.
LVL recommends you skip Prop 30: The sales tax in Prop 30 is regressive impacting the poor most, and there are no assurances that the taxes collected will be allocated for public education. We recommend you skip Prop 30 because it conflicts with Prop 38 for which we recommend a YES vote. See Prop 38 below.


Proposition 31- State Budget. State and Local Government
LVL recommends a YES vote. Prop 31's reforms create transparency and accountability in our state budgeting process, and modestly increase the budget powers of municipal governments.

Antonia Hernandez, Board member for California Forward. California Forward Fund endorses Prop 31


Proposition 32 - "Paycheck Protection" Initiative
LVL recommends a NO vote. If approved Prop 32 would cripple the political power of organized working people (unions). At a time when working people are suffering due to unemployment and home mortgage foreclosures workers need a stronger voice, not a weakened one.

Hon. Linda Sanchez, United States Representative, opposes Prop 32


Proposition 33 - Automobile Insurance Persistency Discounts
LVL recommends a NO vote. Prop 33 is misleading, its title might make you believe that you will get a discount; in fact the opposite will be true for younger drivers.

Tom Saenz, MALDEF President and General Council, opposes and highlights position in e-newsletter.


Proposition 34 - The End the Death Penalty
LVL recommends a YES vote. It is time to eliminate the death penalty which has been shown to be ineffective in deterring crime, wrongfully imposed in too many cases on the innocent, and disproportionately invoked on people of color.

Hon. Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor for City of Los Angeles, submitted arguments in Favor of Prop 34


Proposition 35 - Californians Against Sexual Exploitation Act
LVL recommends a Yes vote. The Title of Prop 35 says it all, for that reason we ask that you help stop human trafficking with your vote.

Lydia Camarillo, SVREP Vice President, recommends you vote YES.


Proposition 36 - a Change in the "Three Strikes Law"
LVL recommends a YES vote. While Proposition 36 does not go far enough, LVL believes it is a good start. The three strikes law has incarcerated hundreds of young Latinos with life sentences for less serious or nonviolent offences. It is time to fix a law that does not make sense.

Armando Gudino, Leader of Drug Policy Alliance, endorses Prop 36


Proposition 37 - Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food
LVL recommends a YES vote. LVL believes companies should be transparent and tell consumers what is in the food they process and sell to consumers.

Irma Munoz, President and CEO, Mujeres De La Tierra supports Prop 37


Proposition 38 - Our Children, Our Future; Local School Education Investment Act.
LVL recommends a YES vote. Prop 38 will help reduce California's deficit while dedicating billions every year to reversing years of budget cuts in our public schools and funding early childhood education. Prop 38 will bring back tens of thousands of laid-off teachers, restore cut programs in arts and science, and more. Mostly importantly Prop 38's education funds can't be raided by Sacramento politicians.

Eddie Olmos, Actor, and Latino Leader provided arguments in Favor of Prop 38


Proposition 39 - Tax Treatment for Multistate Businesses.
Clean Energy Efficiency Funding LVL recommends a YES vote. LVL agrees with the sponsors of this bill, it is time to close state loopholes that for non-California corporations and use the funds generated (about 1 billion per year) to help reduce the deficit, fund the schools, and create green jobs.

Hon Kevin De Leon, State Senator, is Co-Chairman of Yes on Prop 39


Proposition 40 - Redistricting
State Senate Districts LVL recommends a NO vote. Civil rights leaders opposed new Senate plan because it did not draw any new Latino-majority seats even though Latinos provided the overwhelming majority of new population growth in California over the last decade. This is a failed plan which should be thrown out and redrawn.

Antonio Gonzalez, President, Southwest Voter Registration Education Project opposes proposition 40


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